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Local Y2K Action Groups
The degree of our success in coping with Y2K will in large measure be determined by how well we work together at the local level. Indeed, it is CY2KR's position that community involvement is THE single most important aspect in assuring that we get to "the other side". With that in mind, an interactive, national network of Local Y2K Action Groups is being created. Each Group's mission is to "educate" local government, businesses, churches, civic groups and neighborhoods. What works ... and doesn't work ... can be documented and shared with other Groups, and with anyone else who has a "need to know" about community preparedness.

CY2KR has recently introduced the Y2K On-Line Community Forum. It's sole purpose is to provide a mechanism for capturing and synthesizing community experiences. Local Action Groups can benefit greatly by participating in this information exchange.

Citizens for Y2K Recovery is anxious to help groups get started, and will assist to whatever degree is appropriate and feasible. However, it is the local group's sole responsibility to decide on how they organize themselves, and how they operate once they're up and running. Please visit the FORUM page for additional information on how you can help your community become Y2K-ready.

Citizens for Y2K Recovery
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