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Six Month Membership Services @ $ 32.95

Survival Guide BookY2K Survival Guide
All new members receive a copy of Jim Lord's "A Survival Guide for the Year 2000 Problem". This comprehensive 270 page manual's twelve chapters include valuable information on how Y2K impacts federal, state, local governments, public services, your financial and personal well-being, your employment and vital information, and much more. The Guide, which previously retailed for $29.97, is now available at retail for $19.97.

News Magazine Y2K News Magazine
Twice each month, CY2KR members receive Y2K News Magazine ... an informative resource that keeps you current on Y2K news, while also focusing on the "nuts and bolts" of preparing for Y2K. It delivers concise, easy-to-understand articles designed for Y2K practitioners who are interested in food management, back-up power, financial asset protection, medical preparedness, community involvement, and a wide range of other Y2K-relevant topics.

CY2KR members receive 24 issues as part of their six month package. The non-member rate is $24.95 if purchased separately.

Y2K Community Preparedness Forum
This electronic forum is totally dedicated to helping community groups prepare for Y2K -- it is not meant to be a host for general purpose Y2K discussion. Our hope is that the interchange of ideas and experiences will produce a series of "templates" that can be put to immediate use at the local level throughout the country. There is insufficient time for each community to re-invent Y2K preparedness on its own. For complete details, please visit the FORUM page.

Local Chapters
Citizens for Y2K Recovery encourages the formation of activist groups at the local level. Although there is no official linkage between local groups and CY2KR, we can assist in the creation and growth stages of Y2K preparation. For more information, go to the Local Chapters page.

Member Discounts
Members are entitled to discounts on all products and services that are not included in the basic CY2KR membership package. For example, registration fees for seminars and conferences are discounted for members, as well as the prices on books, audio and video tapes available through our Bookstore.

Please note: If purchased separately, the cost of Jim Lord's Y2K Survival Guide is $19.97, and a six month subscription to Y2K Magazine is $24.95 ... a total of $44.92. Both publications are included in CY2KR's six month memberhip @ $32.95, a $11.97 savings -- more than 25%. Additionally, members receive discounts on all Bookstore items, and there is no cost for participating in the CY2KR Local Chapter program.

Citizens for Y2K Recovery
370 Southwest Cutoff - RT 20
Northborough, MA 01532
Tel: (508) 842-1739 / Fax: (508) 393-0026

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